Espresso Cart

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  • Full espresso bar on an Italian Vintage Vespa,
  • Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, 
  • Cups and Saucers,
  • Menu Signage  

Please note there is a limited supply of espresso cart, if selected and the vendor is unavailable we will refund you.

In order for Cafe Apae to set up the Vespas at your reception, they need at least 54” wide access to be able to roll the Vespas into place. If your venue is not able to provide this, we will refund you before we secure this booking. If you choose to book your own venue, just make sure you have this space. If Cafe Apae shows up on the wedding day and can’t access the reception area, they won’t be able to provide the service and a refund will not be provided.

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